Schools and Colleges

Display Cases and Showcases

From: €0 plus VAT

We are Ireland’s top supplier of retail showcases and counters to suit all sectors from Collectors, Beauty Products, School Sports & Achievements Displays to Jewellery Displays.

They are all of the highest quality from Italian showcase designers/ manufacturers MeC & LVA.

All feature toughened glass as standard.

Ranges include our Base Nova, LVA , Kubica and Kubus, the new line of modular showcases.

Acrylic Poster Display Kits

From: €0 plus VAT

These cable solutions offer best and most cost effective way of displaying information from DL to A0 size posters in Window and Wall settings.

  • Option of Single Acrylic Pocket Kits
  • Option of Multi Acrylic Pocket Kits
  • Option of Individual Single and Double Acrylic Pocket Kits

Acrylic Poster Pockets

From: €0 plus VAT

  • Option of Wall  Mounted Acrylic Pockets supplied with satin chrome stand-offs or clamps A4-A0
  • Option of Acrylic Pockets suspended on Wall to Wall mounted CW04 Cables
  • Option of Taped-Back Pockets 3mm Clear Acrylic fold over pockets backed with high bond tape.

Hook-on Rod Displays

From: €0 plus VAT

Complete all-in-one display kit includes acrylic display pockets, rods and cable.

The beauty of this display product lies in its simplicity. The pockets are easy to access and can be easily replaced or updated. They are perfect for creating eye-catching displays in windows and interiors.

They are easy to clean and maintain.

Aluminium Snap Frames

Constructed from aluminium, they are rust-proof, the backs made from polypropylene and the front cover is PVC.

Sizes are A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0

From: €4.50 plus VAT

  • Simple to install, displaying posters couldn’t be easier. Click open the aluminium frame edges and remove the clear PVC cover sheet.
  • Place your poster within the frame. Then replace the clear PVC cover sheet and close the snap frame (each frame comes complete with mounting holes, fixing screws and wall-plugs as standard).
  • Poster frames can be used both indoors and outdoors*.
    *Lamination of posters is advised if frames are to be used outdoors. Frames will not keep out open rain

Surface Mountable  ECO Info-Frame

  • Available in Black and Silver
  • Surface Mountable Magnetic Info-Frame for Metal Surfaces or Self-adhesive backing for non-metallic surfaces
  • A4 230mm x 318 mm
  • A3 318mm x 460mm
  • Can be mounted Portrait or Landscape
  • Magnetic Frame allows for mounting on metal surfaces
  • Self-Adhesive Backing allows for surface mounting on walls, glass, doors etc.
  • Frame is 15mm
  • Visible area for A4 is 200mm x 287mm
  • Visible area for A3 is 287mm x 400mm

From: €5.50 plus VAT

  • The ECO Frame is the professional way to display important information. It’s the ideal solution for documents and notices on metal surfaces and non-metallic surfaces.
  • Easy to change documents by simply lifting the frame and inserting the document.
  • Magnetic ECO Frame adheres to all metal surfaces, e.g. whiteboards,  lockers as well as lean cubes and production machinery. 
  • Areas of application: For documents in A4 and A3 format, e.g. working procedures such as safety and maintenance checks, documentation and operational information for machinery.