Backlit Paper / Film

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Backlit Paper / Film for Illuminated LED Light Display Panels A4 & A3

  • Backlit Paper / Film is the best way to show off your graphic/ information display when you are using Illuminated LED Light Display Panels.
  • Backlit Paper is a print medium that allows the diffusion of light. It is designed for use with backlit displays and backlit signs, lightboxes and many other illuminated displays. Backlit paper is 50% of the effect of a backlit display.
  • Not using backlit paper compromises the value of your display; using the paper enables images, photos, branding and other print look sharper, clear and brighter. Using back lit paper offers the possibility of showing images under the best light thanks to its effect on three main aspects of colour: tone, luminosity, and saturation.

    When should I use backlit paper?

    Wherever you have a backlit display it is essential to use backlit paper. Today its use is very cost effective with A3 backlit paper and A4 backlit paper sheets costing pennies, easy to order and available in manageable pack sizes. So use the paper every time with

    Can I use backlit paper with a desktop printer?

    Yes. The most popular brands of backlit paper have been especially made for use with everyday desktop and inkjet printers.

    Always double check with your printer manufacturer but the majority of printers are able to print on backlit paper.


    Top tips for making the most of your backlit paper.

    • Recommended conditions for use 10-30 degrees centigrade
    • Store in a the original sealed packaging in a cool dry environment
    • Paper is influenced by high humidity levels, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures


    Prices are structured based on quantity from 50 to 500 sheets, best economic value is currently 200 sheets.