Premium Glass Display Cabinets & Counters

What to know

If you are looking for the best advice and options to display your high value goods including Jewellery, Gifts, Collectibles, Awards & Achievements we have the solution. With over 30 years experience in the Irish market our range includes top end Frameless and Aluminium Framed Showcases. Our product range includes our new 18mm Kubus section to the strong 35mm LIA aluminium profile both with integrated LED lights. If you prefer Frameless Glass Displays we have an extensive range from Countertops to large freestanding Showcases. What you see in our range is of the highest quality Italian design and manufacturing. All units come with toughened glass as standard, LED strip lights and spot lights are available or are standard with units.

We carry ex-stock a range of frameless and aluminium framed units that have proven themselves ideal for schools, reception areas, retail and collectibles. If your requirement is urgent please contact our sales team on 01 429 5777 or email

Our range includes our Base Nova, clean, minimalist frame-less glass displays and our LVA aluminum framed anti-dust showcases with integrated LED lighting as standard ideal for jewellery and high valued goods. Kubica Frame-less units with a mix of timber and detail shelving/lighting and feet. Kubus, the new line of modular showcases. Click here to view our brochures

Our Bespoke custom designed showcases offer something different, making the best showcase to suit your individual needs. If you have this requirement then please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01 429 5777 or email

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Premium Glass Display Showcases and Counters